Jóhanna Kristbjorg

Solo (TRAFFIC #1)


On occasion of TRAFFIC #1 (a project in Antwerp Central Station, initiated by Lokaal 01), we invited the Icelandic artist Jóhanna Kristbjörg Sigurðardóttir to produce a brand new body of works. Just graduating from KASK (Ghent), she recently joined the new HISK-residents (2014-2015).

Throughout her artistic practice, Jóhanna explores how spaces can be charged emotionally by integrating multiple layers of meaning — either by combining different media, or by repeating the same visual elements. For TRAFFIC #1, Jóhanna takes a cue from this former diamond boutique, by filling it with newly made sculptures, as well as bringing together some existing drawings and paintings. Here as well, the works can be read individually, but take on a new layer of meaning when considered as a whole, in relation to each other.

As such, the artist offers a site-specific reflection on the transitional character of space, and in which way it relates to intellectual space. In the per definition transitional space of a railway station, she offer a moment to repose and reflect.