Karl Philips

7 Square Metres


Over the last years, visual artist Karl Philips extensively worked on a comprehensive project, concerning the following question: 'is there still an underground movement possible'?

This project resulted in the medium-length film '7 Square Metres'; an experimental tale about a strange circus which was supposed to have a shown without being part of the official line-up.

"We wanted to be a rock band that wouldn't play music; to program ourself without being asked. We wanted to see how the festival would react."

Produced by Karl Philips and O.C.A.M.
Co-produced by Beursschouwburg (Brussels), Via Zuid (Heerlen), W139 (Amsterdam)
With the support of a.pass (Brussels), Art And Advice (Hasselt), Bouts (Hasselt), De Queeste (Hasselt), Flacc (Genk), Freeman Gallery (Aardenburg), I for William Trailers (Bree), NAK (Aachen), Stroom (Province of Limburg), the Flemish authorities, Z33 (Hasselt).